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to my personal photography blog. I specialize in making unique and highly detailed photographs. Notice I said making and not taking. Yes I take photos but a lot of time and work is involved in pushing and punishing the pixels in my images to achieve the look I like.

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There Goes the Neighborhood

This is all going to end in tears, I'm sure of it. They opened up a liquor store right across the street from the Aztec temple in this striking hood mural I spotted at the Santa Fe Dam car show in Irwindale, California. Does this mean that all the Aztec dudes are going to start showing up at the human sacrifices hammered, three sheets to the wind? The skull-double headed arrow thing looks like it would hurt. The car's a Chevy, didn't catch the make.


Antipodes, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

American artist Jim Sanborn is into cryptography. There's a message hidden in this piece of artwork which is located just outside the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshorn museum. Although Manny and I stared at it for the better part of a minute, we didn't solve it.


Please fasten your seatbelts [Explored]

This is where it gets interesting


Crown Fountain

The Crown Fountain is an interactive art and video sculpture located in Millennium Park, Chicago, USA

Setting the color balance for this shot was very tough as the tower that appears to be green in the photo kept changing colors, becoming bright white and then completely dark during the 10 exposures I took. I ended up having to set my color balance manually in Adobe Lightroom. 

Crown Fountain, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.